XCELIS® CHAMPION: John Buns, Sales Account Manager

“By working as a true partner with our customers, we want to be the fuel that helps drive their profitability, process, and their performance forward.”

XCELIS® CHAMPION: John Buns, Sales Account Manager

To some, sales is a bottom-line industry—but John Buns stays focused on being top-of-mind with his customers. “We want to hear about any way we can help improve their business, whether it's directly related to our products or not,” he says.

After receiving his undergraduate degree in 2008, he found himself entering a daunting economy. But like the shrewd investor who buys when everyone else is selling in a panic, Buns saw the Great Recession as an opportunity.

"I really like the idea of making fuel renewable using biotechnology domestically," he remembers thinking. “Why ship petroleum products all over the world, when you can grow it right here in our backyard?”

That led to his earning a master's degree in bioenergy and moving from Arizona to join DuPont in the heart of corn country.

“By putting the focus on the customer, we do all sorts of things to help them improve their productivity.”

It's there that he learned that listening—really listening—to ethanol producers is integral to DuPont's success.

“We are absolutely dependent on feedback from our customers to drive new product innovation," he says. "That's where our best ideas originate, and why we're able to deliver yield improvement and higher value co-products.”

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