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XCELIS® AI is a digital platform designed to help your plant meet new goals by harnessing the power of big data and predictive modeling.

The XCELIS® AI Automated Data Integration tool provides the opportunity to utilize thousands of data points to drive advanced analytics for your current process.  Far beyond the typical statistics calculated by spreadsheet, this type of analysis can help show new actionable insights to help the plant achieve greater efficiency of operation.

XCELIS® AI Virtual Plant technology is your crystal ball into the future decisions for your plant.  With predictive models based on proprietary DuPont software technology, we can help show you how far your plant can go.  Thinking of adding a new unit operations?  Or changing your yeast or enzyme recipe?   Let Virtual Plant technology show you the way to take the risk out of these changes before you spend the first dime!

“For years plants have made huge strides in optimizing performance. As the window of opportunity for improvement narrows, deeper analytics and predictive modeling with the XCELIS® AI platform are the best way to continue toward highly efficient, de-risked operations”


Cindy McCracken, VP – Grain Processing

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Case Study: Is hotter liquefaction better?

What are the energy and economic differences of running the front end (slurry and liquefaction) at two different temperatures: 185°F and 195°F?

In the 195°F case, the hotter liquefact increased the beer feed temperature. We took advantage of this by reducing the steam used to heat the beer feed (by reducing steam to the evaporators).

Conclusion:  Hotter liquefaction requires more natural gas & mash cooler duty and reduces overall economics.

Case Study:  Is hotter liquefaction better?
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