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XCELIS® Ethanol Solutions: Fueling you forward
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Transforming digital data into real-world results.

Designed around your success

The XCELIS® Ethanol Solutions platform represents Nutrition & Biosciences' commitment to delivering innovation, expertise, and support to our customers in the fermentation ethanol industry. Its name conveys our focus: helping you excel.

We do that by bringing together our tools, technologies, and talent to offer you complete solutions - tailored to your operations, your challenges, and your goals.

It's why we're here. And why we never stop thinking about what we can do for you.

Driving success for our customers is what fuels our work. Our XCELIS® Ethanol Solutions platform highlights our commitment to delivering innovation, expertise and support to plant and lab managers working in the ethanol industry, so we provide solutions tailored to their unique challenges and goals.

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Solutions that help you grow

Increase fermentation rates and profitability through process efficiencies with our enzymes, yeasts and processing aids for starch-based fermentation ethanol.

Flexible front-end solutions for increased efficiencies in throughput and yield.
Saccharification & Fermentation
Saccharification & Fermentation
Increase yield and consistency while maximizing ethanol output.
Improve operational efficiency and reduce consumption of resources.
Get the best performance from precision combinations tailored to your specific needs.

In your corner

Nutrition & Biosciences is a proud member of many industry trade associations who work tirelessly on behalf of ethanol producers globally. We engage with lawmakers frequently to advocate for a strong biofuels policy and to expand the use of ethanol worldwide as a cleaner, more efficient and renewable source of energy.

In your corner

Tap into the power of change

Join our Grain Changers community for specific XCELIS® Ethanol Solutions product information and exclusive content that will help fuel your success.


DuPont's Nutrition & Biosciences and IFF are coming together

This isn't about forming another industry giant. This is about merging curiosity and capability to create unique, leading-edge solutions at the intersection of science and creativity.

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