XCELIS® Ethanol Solutions: Fueling you forward
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Designed around your success

The XCELIS® Ethanol Solutions platform represents DuPont's commitment to delivering innovation, expertise, and support to our customers in the fermentation ethanol industry. Its name conveys our focus: helping you excel.

We do that by bringing together our tools, technologies, and talent to offer you complete solutions - tailored to your operations, your challenges, and your goals.

It's why we're here. And why we never stop thinking about what we can do for you.


Ethanol producers face a major challenge today - driving profitability from their plant. Historically, ethanol plants focused mainly on producing ethanol with a few co-products; today they are a refinery that makes a number of different co-products including ethanol.

"DuPont continues to invest in and apply technologies that drive additional value from the agricultural inputs in those biorefineries. We want to help make our customers more profitable."


Troy Wilson, Global Business Director for Grain Processing.

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Troy Wilson

Fueling You Forward is more than just a tagline to us. At DuPont, we are passionate about helping you succeed.

"Because I started my career on the customer side, it really helps me when I go into the plant to define their needs I know what specific questions to ask and where to push to really get to the heart of their problems."


Samantha Dickens, North American Sales Leader Fuel Alcohol.

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Solutions that help you grow

Increase fermentation rates and profitability through process efficiencies with our enzymes, yeasts and processing aids for starch-based fermentation ethanol.

In your corner

DuPont is a proud member of many industry trade associations who work tirelessly on behalf of ethanol producers globally. We engage with lawmakers frequently to advocate for a strong biofuels policy and to expand the use of ethanol worldwide as a cleaner, more efficient and renewable source of energy.

In your corner

Tap into the power of change

Join our Grain Changers community for specific XCELIS® Ethanol Solutions product information and exclusive content that will help fuel your success.